Light and Kambo Ceremonies

Light and Kambo Ceremonies have been offering ceremonies together since February 2020. Light and Kambo Ceremonies mission is to continue to have a safe  space for people to express spirituality in comfort and to heal from whatever is blocking ones self from tuning into the Most High within.

We offer varies modalities for healing, ancient and modern, to meet people where ever they may be in their journey.

With love, respect and integrity, we offer Ajna Light, Kambo, Rapéh for Manifestation, Sananga, and various sacred entheogen ceremonies for spiritual healing and transformation.


Ceremony is important, yet it’s what we do with the lessons and insights that we have received from ceremony. Improving our lives is the true testament of ceremony.

The Rising Light Shop

We have shamanic healing tools for purchase.
Sananga, Rapéh, Kuripes, MagicMushrööms, Crystals, Sage and more


Thank You Tribe, for the love, support and connection.

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