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Please email to inquire about all products, pricing, and shipping. We travel and we want to be sure we have what you’re in search of. Thank you for your patience & support.

Sananga Eye Drops

Traditionally used as a natural night vision for indigenous hunters. Sananga assists with the healing of any eye ailments, head aches, great for releasing anger, opening the Third Eye, fighting depression, healing addiction, meditating and more.

Rapéh Snuff

Blends are 5g & 10g: Green Bloom, Gentle, Comfort, Nu Essence, Aya, Black Panther, Astral & Yopo (listed in order of least to highest strength)

Green Bloom: It’s green, it’s gentle and pure! It smells fresh and stirs the senses in a profound way. This finely powdered plant mixture is a tool for meditation, but also sharpens the senses and can really uplift the spirit. It contains fresh green awiry leaves and is mapacho (tobacco) free! And because this rapeh still has its green color, it is known as raw snuff. Really good for persons just stepping into using rapeh as well.

Nu Essence: Traditionally, the Matsés applied Nu Essence in ceremonies and used its powerful effects to prepare men for a
successful hunt, as it has the power to increase visions and sharpen the sensory abilities. This sacred, hunter tool provides a pleasant but powerful experience with moments of calm and deep meditation followed by clarity and focus.

Black Panther: is a recipe prepared with rare plants kept secret to the Nukini people. It is one of their sacred ceremonial blends to connect with the great guardian of the forest and of the Ayahuasqueros, the Jaguar. This is a beautifully powerful medicine with strong effect, good for deep meditation. Black Panther is great for receiving “the message” you need.

Aya Rapeh: a unique blend of traditional Amazonian herbs, specifically the sacred Caapi vine and Chacruna, used by the indigenous Kuntanawa tribe. This blend aims to provide a way to connect with the essence and energy of Ayahuasca, a revered plant medicine known for its profound spiritual and healing properties.

Astral: is best for or advanced or users of rapéh. This blend has natural DMT and can induce an outer body experience.

Yopo Rapéh: is best for advanced users of rapéh. This blend has natural 5-MeO-DMT and can induce a deep shamanic experience.


Self applicator tool for rapéh snuff. We have different varieties and styles, so email to view the options we have.

Daydream Cacao Bars

Two full doses when split it in half. DayDream or subtle enough to consume the entire bar in one sitting.

Our new Daydreams are vegan based. It contains agave, forest teachers and 5-MeO, aka the God molecule found in the bufo alvarius toad. The 5-Meo does not make the experience more intesne, it actually makes it more subtle and smooth. Feel confident with eating the entire bar or a piece.  If you’re in need of a more intense shamanic experience, consider our MoonLight’s.

  • You can consume with confidence and not feel overwhelmed.

  • You do not require a safety sitter.

  • You can still complete task with confidence while under Daydreams. Although we encourage you to sit with yourself when consuming.

  • Connect deeply with someone you trust by consuming it with them.

  • Heart opening

  • Release, emotionally, spiritually or physically.

  • Fights depression and PTSD.

  • Big external visuals are not common.

  • Inner divine direction, messages, with positive and clear thoughts.

  • Feel your aura and mood lift for pro-longed time.

  • Potential to have long and vivid dreams recall.

MoonLight, Cacao Bar

More intense than our “DayDreams”. Consuming the entire bar in one sitting, can be extremely shamanic, consider having a trusted sitter.

New vegan cacao chocolate bars infused with MagicMushroom for powerful enlightenment.

  • Very powerful & insightful.

  • Ceremonial.

  • Visuals are common.

  • Consider having a trusted sitter with you.

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We also have Crystals, Sage, Forest Teachers & more

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