Ajna Light Meditation

With our eyes closed, the Ajna Light flicker effect creates a “DMT” like, light show, allowing for effortless meditation. The Ajna Light can stimulates our pineal gland, relaxing the mind and body. Traveling on an inner journey of self, exploring our past, present & future is common with the Ajna Light.  The Ajna Light is great for people of all ages and is great if you are new to sacred ceremonies. The Ajna Light allows one to be inspired by your own divine voice within.
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Kambo Cleanse

What is Kambo? Kambo is the waxy secretion of a tree frog living in the northwestern part of the Amazon rainforest. The scientific name for this frog is "Phyllomedusa bicolor" or "Giant Monkey Frog". It has traditionally been used by indigenous people to get rid of "panema" or bad luck, which allows life to become easier and flow more effortlessly. Kambo was used for amplifying hunting skills and to cleanse, strengthen and energize the minds and bodies of tribal hunters. Kambo enabled them to have increased speed and stamina, eat less and sleep less during the hunt.

Spiritual Aspects of Kambo. Kambo is a spiritual practice. The frog helps to connect us with our innate wisdom and shows us what we can do in order to improve our situation in life. During Kambo treatments, we can receive insights, and changes that we need to make can be revealed. Kambo can enable us to end unhealthy habits and thought patterns and allow us to become more open to receive guidance from Spirit.

How is Kambo Administered? Superficial burns are made by the tip of a small glowing vine, on the top layer of skin. Kambo is then applied onto the burns or “gates” and thus absorbed into the body subcutaneously, moving through the lymphatic system.

What to Expect During Your Kambo Experience? The Kambo experience is intense and fast, the unpleasant effects being strong and immediate, but over in about 30 minutes. During this process one experiences a purgative effect and can expect to feel nauseous, vomit, and perhaps need to use the toilet. Purging is thought to eliminate emotional, and energetic toxins. Once Kambo is applied to the skin most people experience warmth of the upper body and face, along with an increased heart rate. Some will have swelling of the face, ears, and slight swelling of the throat. Blood pressure will rise and then fall, at which point one will experience nausea and purge. It is helpful to relax into these sensations, focus on one's breath and let the Kambo do its work. Most people feel back to normal after an hour or so. Following a treatment many people report feeling an increase in their vital energy and an overall sense of wellness.
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Sacred Rebirth Ceremony

Sacred Toad Ceremony
The Sacred Toad Bufo aka The God Molecule is a powerful entheogen that can raise the opportunity for unspeakable change in one's perspective for the better.
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Rapéh Ceremony

Rapéh is a sacred traditional Amazonian snuff that connects us to the Spirit of the forest. It is made from sacred tobacco leaf, seeds, spices, bark, herbs, and is prepared with prayers and healing intentions.
Rapéh is blown into the nose using a pipe or what's called a tepi. The self applicator is known as a kuripé. During a Kambo treatment, rapéh can be used to help in the release of blockages and purging. It can also be used for headaches, sinus problems and to ground and center and intensify concentration. Rapéh is also used in ayahuasca ceremonies. Rapéh is great for quieting the the mind and countering anxiety, manifestation, channelling and meditation.

We also have rapéh for purchase, email for purchasing details.
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Other Sacred Ceremonies

Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Huachuma), Peyote & Iboga. We host Shamans & Facilitators who offer these ceremonies.

Mindset Coaching & Reintegration Calls

We offer coaching to everyone that sits in our ceremonies as a way to integrate the lessons from ceremony in to your daily life. We also offer counsel and coaching in general. Arjenis has been offering words for guidance for the majority of his life and was his first offering to loved ones and ultimately society.

Spirit Medium

Aliayh channels ancestral spirits and loved ones who has transitioned to the spirit realm as a form of therapy for those in need of some form of closure.

Other Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Grandfather and Grandmother Ceremonies are available.

How can I join a ceremony or have a private ceremony?

We hold group ceremonies and retreats, typically on the weekends. It’s best to have your private ceremony during the weekday, although the weekend is possible.

First, subscribe to our emailing list below. Then email your name, number and best time to call you. Although we are currently in Georgia USA, we make our way around Mother Earth. You are also able to have us come to your area for a private 1-on-1 or a private group ceremony. You are also able to host us in your retreats or ceremonies.

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