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Sananga Eye Drops

Traditionally used as a natural night vision for indigenous hunters. Sananga assists with the healing of any eye ailments, head aches, great for releasing anger, opening the Third Eye, fighting depression, healing addiction, meditating and more.

Rapéh Snuff

Blends: Nu Essence, Comfort, Gentle, Black Panther & Astral (5g & 10g)

Nu Essence: Traditionally, the Matsés applied Nu Essence in ceremonies and used its powerful effects to prepare men for a
successful hunt, as it has the power to increase visions and sharpen the sensory abilities. This sacred, hunter tool provides a pleasant but powerful experience with moments of calm and deep meditation followed by clarity and focus.

Gentle: Made out of the most sacred trees for the Yawanawá people, the benefits of this rapéh are many. For the tree is known
to have healing power and spiritual strength. It helps in energetic cleansing and also to prevent physical fatigue. It is a great
introductory rapéh and it has the very practical quality of bringing peace and balance.

Comfort: Comfort rapéh carries a lot of respect for the peoples of the Amazon because it has great spiritual power by indigenous plant wisdom. It’s strength characterizes it as feminine quality of
cleansing, comfort, clarity and relaxation. It relaxes the physical and spiritual bodies, bringing more coherent and clear thought, especially in hard times.

Black Panther: (SOLD OUT) is a recipe prepared with rare plants kept secret to the Nukini people. It is one of their sacred ceremonial blends to connect with the great guardian of the forest and of the Ayahuasqueros, the Jaguar. This is a beautifully powerful medicine with strong effect, good for deep meditation. Black Panther is great for receiving “the message” you need.

Astral: is best for or advanced or users of rapéh. This blend has natural DMT and can induce an outer body experience.

Yopo Rapéh: is best for advanced users of rapéh. This blend has natural 5-MeO-DMT and can induce a deep shamanic experience.


Self applicator tool for rapéh snuff. We have different varieties and styles, so email to view the options we have.

We also have Crystals, Sage,MagicMushrööms & more

email for all of our shamanic tools

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