Private Ceremony & Product Prices

Kambo & Rapeh Ceremony

1st Session $222 USD
2nd Session: $200 USD
3rd Session: $188 USD
This applies if Kambo sessions are completed on consecutive days.

$155 per person in group of 5 or more.

Rapeh Ceremony without Kambo: $77 per person

Deposit: $100
Travel Fees vary and may apply depending on how far the travel.

Ajna Light Session

60Min: $166 US

Ajna Light can be offered to groups of people at the same time.

Sacred Toad Bufo/Sapo Ceremony (5-MeO-DMT)

$444 USD Per Person (1-2 people)
$333 Per Person (3-6 people)
$300 (7 people)
$275 (8 or more people)

(One can receive Kambo & Bufo/Sapo in the same day. Kambo is always first)

MagicMushroom Ceremony

$700 US Per person

These ceremonies can last 4 to 12 hours. This ceremony is typically held over night.
We offer Sananga eye drops in this ceremony as well as the Ajna Light Therapy.  

(Sananga and the Ajna Light  isn’t always included)

Reintegration Calls & Guidance Calls

$111: 45min call.  347.389.2437

If you sit with us in a ceremony, one call after ceremony is included. If you’d like to call us after that call, the exchange is applied.
If you haven’t participated with us in a ceremony and you’d like to receive coaching, guiding or advice the exchange applies.


Rapéh Snuff

Blends: Bloom (green tabacco less rapéh), Nu Essense,
Black Panther (Sold Out), Astral, Yopo Rapéh

10g: $46 US
5g: $26 US

Kuripe (Rapéh Self Applicator)
$40 - $55 US (Contact us for varieties)

Sananga eye drops
5ml $34 US

Kambo Sticks, only for practioners

Shipping: $11- $20 US


$55 USD (3.5g)

Shipping $11 - $20 US

Email if you’d like to have a private ceremony, or if you’d like to host us or collaborate with us for a ceremony or retreat.

Email for product information and shipping instructions.

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