E-mail lightofarjenis@gmail.com your name, number and best time to call to attend.
Location: 1 hr 11 min from NYC

Join us in a one of a kind healing experience for two nights. You may also join for one night.

April 5th, Grandmother Medicine with Live Music, 7pm
April 6th, Grandmother Medicine with Live Music, 7pm
April 7th, Kambo Ceremony, 10am (optional)

Commune with like minds and like hearts but still focusing on the journey of self.

The Shaman we're hosting is from Colombia and is a world class musician, offering Yage in ceremony.
Grandmother Aya
Friday April 5th, 7pm
Sacred brew that can bring deep cleansing and purification. Spiritual, physical, mental & emotional healing. Traditionally used in Peru, Brazil & Colombia.
Grandmother Aya
Saturday April 6th, 8pm
Both ceremonies will include live healing music throughout the night. 

Rapéh wll be offered and optional on April 5th & 6th.
Kambo Cleanse (optional)
Sunday April 7th, 10am
Kambo medicine, comes by way of the Monkey Tree Frog. It is placed on the skin after a superficial burn is made on the body. Kambo is anti-viral, boosts ones energy. Purging is typical.
Cost Options:

Option 1: $1010: Two Grandmother Ceremonies, with Rapéh.
(April 5th - 7th).

Option 2: $555: One Grandmother Ceremony, with Rapéh.
(Friday April 5th or Saturday April 6th).

Option 3: $700: Volunteers rate (exclusive to TRIBE members).
Be prepared to assist participants & assists in cleaning.
(April 5th - 7th)

Kambo: $55. April 7th. Optional

All sleeping arrangements are in shared common spaces. Feel free to bring items you will need for your comfort. The space will have foam mattresses, sheets, pillows, towels and BackJacks.

$200 Deposit secures your spot and starts the deposit plan.
Ways to forward a deposits:

Zelle: lightandkambo@gmail.com
Cashapp or Venmo: lightandkambo (please send as a friend)

We'll have water and fruit. Bring your own food. If you'd like, you may share and commune with other participants and create meals together. You may also drive into town for your nourishment.
How To Prepare

Serious preparation should begin at least one week before the ceremony. Feel free to start a month ahead. Please let us know if you have any chronic health problems or medical conditions.
  • Eat simple, natural and organically grown foods. It is especially recommended to eat many green leafy vegetables like kale, collard greens, and broccoli and fruits. 
  • Drink plenty of purified water. Add sea salt to the water for hydration. 
  • Organically grown whole grains, quinoa & millet.
  • Raw and organic nuts and seeds. Nut butters are acceptable but should also be raw or organic.
  • Olive and coconut oil in moderation.
  • Smoothies are excellent for breakfast. 
  • Vegan diet is encouraged. If you must eat meat, organic chicken or fish is best.
Avoid the following as best you can: 
  • All chemical substances (acids, ecstasy, etc.)
  • Alcohol at least 2 weeks before the ceremony.
  • Cannabis or any other form of stimulant. 
  • All forms of dairy, red meat, garlic, onion, eggs, mushrooms, soy, coffee, black tea and artificial sauces.
  • Processed food, fried foods, avoid salty (real sea salt is fine) and sugary food, artificial preservatives.
  • Medications or drugs unless necessary (with information on drug treatment). 
  • If you are using prescribed SSRI for any form of depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia or anxiety, please inform us. If mixed with sacred plants, one can be left gravely injured or worse. 

If you are interested in participating in this ceremony please email lightofarjenis@gmail.com your name, number, social media or photo and best time to call you.

Post Retreat 
Spend time in nature as best you can. This is especially important if you live in the city. Find a way to ground yourself into the earth, sit beneath a tree or near a river, and reconnect with the rhythms of the earth. This supportive practice will help keep your rhythm aligned with that of the earth, keep you grounded, and support your healing.

Create a Practice
This can include meditation, walking, yoga, or prayer. Find a way to intentionally connect to the spirit of the plant and the divine on a daily basis. Carve out time to be present with your feelings and your process by stilling the mind. In the first few weeks after your journey, you may find it useful to journal or do more active reflection.
Light and Kambo Ceremonies Presents

Grandmother's Vision
1hr & 11min from NYC
April 5th - April 7th
Questions? Contact us at lightofarjenis@gmail.com